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Live to Dance another Day

"You'll never dance again"...those were the words that stopped my 16 year old heart...

I was just a teen girl who loved to attend musical theater club after school and spend any and all of my free time at dance classes.

And after years of battling tons of crazy adolescent illnesses, I thought I was going to be free and clear for my last two years of high school and I had a plan to get my dance degree and take on the world as a choreographer/dance teacher. But then it all fell day when every bone in my body was sore, I was constantly fatigued and having all sorts of issues.

Then came the words "You'll never dance again if you don't learn to meditate and beat this thing." This thing was fibromyalgia....a form of arthritis that effects muscles and mood balance.

Dance was my first and only love.

So with my strong, resilient mother by my side I registered for a meditation clinic.

And it saved my life. Within a year I had battled fibromyalgia and gone into remission.

I knew I had to find a way to make meditation part of my every day life. I was fortunate enough to find a college program that incorporated "conditioning" between dance classes.

There I learned the basics of pilates and yoga while earning my degree and I fell in love.

Fast forward to 16 years later and I'm so grateful to my 16 year old self for taking a chance on an experimental treatment.

Now I am fortunate enough to spend my days sharing my love of dance and yoga will children and adults every single day. I'm grateful to help people who suffer with autoimmune or arthritis work through their pain and find a love of Barre and yoga. And a joy in fitness.

Teaching schedule: Monday 7pm Barre, Thursday 5:30 Barrelates, @medwell Bellmore

Bio: With over 25 years of training and experience, Tiffany is trained in Classical dance styles, Musical theater, Barre and Yoga.Tiffany also has an aspiration for the art of Yoga which she has studied in depth. She has taught all over Long Island as well as in Brooklyn and Queens. She attended Queens College, Nassau Community and Hofstra University to work with the best of New York's Choreographers and Yoga specialist. She opened TC Diamond arts with the vision that everyone should have a chance to dance regardless of age or ability. Tcda went mobile in 2013 after multiples calls for events and private classes across Long Island and the Tri-state area. We currently service a large preschool population and work with multiple charities

Tiffany R Company Director Tc Diamond Inc


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