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Begin, again.

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We often think that we are consumed by our commitments. You sometimes think that it’s too late to reinvent yourself, that the uncertainty of the future is worth staying comfortable and letting life pass you by instead. Of course, important commitments and responsibilities should be kept, however, there’s also ways to find freedom within boundaries. “Begin again”, doesn’t always have to mean quitting your job, leaving your family and friends and traveling the world with no destination in mind. Sometimes it can mean taking a pause. changing your breathing pattern. creating new routines. getting a new hairstyle. Beginning again shows up in many, many forms and it’s available to us at all times. We are all divine creatures on a journey to soul realization. If there is ever a hiccup on your path to that realization, pause, recalibrate and begin again. and again. and again if you have to. Let go of what the naysayers may think. Realize your power and essence and you abundant offerings to the world. You are part of shifting the status quo and human consciousness. Veered off course for a week, a month, a year? No worries, flower, that was needed. once you realize it, honor your journey and begin again.


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