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How my perception of yoga has changed

In my late teens, I thought yoga seemed “cool”. “Yogis” seemed to have style and character. I wanted to have what they had, but never seemed to enjoy the practice.

In my 20’s, I revisited the idea of taking up yoga. Not only were these women stylish and cool, but I envied their bodies.

In my 30’s, I still couldn’t find my practice, couldn’t quiet my mind. I began taking Pilates classes, working out with weights and doing cardio.

In my 40’s, I found Yoga. I understood Yoga. I needed yoga. I was ready for yoga. I loved yoga and developed such a passion for it, that I vowed to myself that I would teach it one day.

One of the major shifts in my perception in this:

Yoga is not about your size, your clothing or your style. It’s not about how others see you. It’s not about simply doing postures or breathing exercises. It’s about so much more. It’s about connecting with yourself, it’s about a personal journey that is different for everyone. It’s about trying to quiet the mind, to stay in the present. It’s about non- judgement and so much more. It doesn’t matter when or how you find it. It doesn’t matter what your chronological age is. Yoga is for anybody who wants it.

That’s what makes it cool and stylish 😉

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