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Goal Setting for Excellence

How does one define excellence? So many aspects of our lives provide platforms for which we can strive to achieve success. For some of us, it may mean spending more quality time with loved ones (free from screen time), dropping that stubborn 10 extra pounds (or more!), conscientiously making time to connect with a friend, college or loved one that you haven't been making time for lately- or just exercising good self care, allowing for your personal needs to be met and for your own personal happiness to be a priority.

As the Director of Sales for Medwellspa and Yoga Studio, I bring many years of sales expertise to a very competitive and growing health and wellness industry. My industry achievements are professional attributes that I cherish, but even more so are the relationships and friendships that I have been so fortunate to cultivate and sustain along the way- many surviving career changes, industry downturns and more.

Goals are important to me in my professional life because they allow me and our team to take stock of where we are in our year to date plans and to make definitive plans for where we want to be. Goals allow us to define our purpose and to design a road map for how we plan to get there. This may seem an unusual approach to "traditional" yoga methodologies, but our "Yoga, Beauty and Wellness," business model truly surpasses traditional stand alone studios with a tremendous amount of professional collaboration and multidisciplinary expertise on a daily basis.

I love goal setting because it allows me to organize my thoughts and participate in only the most productive behaviors, at the right times. Here's what I focus on when I set meaningful and achievable goals:

Specificity: A successful goal is a specific goal; "do better next time," or "get more new members" are too vague. A more specific goal may include, " spend two hours of time on new client call backs and follow up." This allows a more attainable action plan.

Acceptance: Often times goals are presented to us by our professional superiors and team leads; in order for these goals to be worked towards and attained, it's integrally important to accept the goals as a mandate and company priority. Reluctance to accepting these directives would present a barrier to organizational success.

Group Goals: Just as individuals have goals, so too must certain groups and teams. By bringing individuals together, and providing an opportunity to create a means for community, a deeper sense of meaning and satisfaction can be cultivated.

When goals are accomplished, a true sense of satisfaction, pleasure and meaning can be experienced. Learning oriented goals can be very helpful in assisting the team member to discover life meaning. When teams feel successful and cohesive, it is truly then that they can thrive together in a positive, meaningful and motivating environment that enables individuals to flourish and succeed individually and together.

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