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Yoga, is my home

Born and raised on Long Island, NY I always felt that I never truly fit in, no matter how hard I tried. For starters, it didn't help that I was born with a hemangioma, (Blood Tumor) on the right side of my face. The tumor appeared to get smaller but I was just growing into the size of it. I eventually had the surgery to have it removed when I was 10 years old, which for me was the summer before 5th grade. The reason for the doctors waiting as long as they did was because we had to wait until my facial features matured just a bit.

I had the assumption that once I had this surgery that I would be looked at as a normal 10 year old, but that old cliche one should never assume.

I was bullied pretty much my entire childhood and even though I grew up in a very loving home, being bullied didn't help with me feeling like I never fit in. I always felt like i was searching for something but couldn't figure out exactly what it was.

I finally realized what I had been searching for all this time when I was given the opportunity to move down south to Wilmington, NC back in 2015. I was extremely excited and nervous all at the same time. I felt a strong pull to make the move down there, while feeling by making this move that it wasn't go to be an easy time. Little did I know that my life was going to change forever. However still knowing and feeling all this, deep down in my heart I needed to do it.

While down south, the universe really handed me a ton of obstacles. Obstacles that I still face with and deal with today. But while going through these obstacles Yoga and I had found one another. I jumped right in with both feet. My yoga journey has literally saved my life on so many levels.

Yoga prepared me for the worst and the best. I say that because one of the obstacles I endured was a human injustice that no one deserves to be subjected to; yoga became a place for me to heal.

Prior to this experience, yoga had laid down the foundation and ground work for me. It taught me how to work through those obstacles and experiences and to let them go through each Asana and through each breath.

Meditation is something that I never use to practice. Through yoga and meditation I have learned to heal my mind, my body and my soul.

I had moved back home to Long Island, NY in 2016 a completely different person. I continued to practice what I had learned. It helped me heal and it led me to start my own yoga and wellness practice, AngelWingYoga.

I am so passionate about yoga and what it has done for my overall well being that I want to spread my love and joy and help as many other woman and young people as I can.

Some days are so much better than others. My loved ones always ask me if I could go back in time to do it all over again would I still have taken that leap of faith and made the move. My answer is yes. I say yes because ever since I was a little girl I had been searching for something and was always trying to fit in and feel at home.

What I was searching for had found me. Yoga is my home. Yoga is where i feel safe and secure.

Yoga has saved my life and if I am not practicing and helping others then I'm not living.

AngelWingYoga is a representation of who I am and what I would like to strive to be while I walk this path and continue this journey of healing not just myself but others.

Amy Maiglow teaches Vinyasa Yoga at various Medwellspa locations on Long Island as an Independent Contractor; her exclusive essential oil blends are available for immediate retail sale at the Medwellspa Boho Chic Yoga Boutique inside the Flagship Medwellspa, in Farmingdale NY. Amy will be hosting two upcoming events this fall at Medwellspa- including Ever Skin Care and Essential Oils with Reiki and Meditation. Follow her on IG @angelwingyoga and on Facebook

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