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The Blood Moon, July 2018

July 27/28th 2018, the Blood Moon. When a full moon happens during a lunar eclipse, it is called a blood moon. This particular lunar eclipse is going to be the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century (lasting about 4 hours long). It won’t be visible here, in North America, but we will still feel it’s effects emotionally. When a full moon occurs during a lunar eclipse, its effects can be supercharged. When we’re speaking astrologically, full moons are a time for a completion or a time to bring things up to the surface. Whatever you might be trying to manifest at the moment might suddenly show up. Be aware and take the time to really think through decisions, however, you may be called to make a big life change over the next few days, depending on what you want to show up in your life. For example, you might have been thinking about moving, ending a relationship or quitting a job, and this full moon lunar eclipse will enhance those feelings. Try to avoid confrontation without thinking things through. Perhaps, even waiting a few days to make any decision that is life changing and see if you still want to move forward with that change. The sun, has just entered Leo, a very magnetic and confident sign so your energy will be high. This moon is entering Aquarius, which tends to be an unpredictable sign. If you are someone who prefers stability and grounding, you might be feeling a bit unhinged and nervous during this time, try to relax during the 27th-29th of July, waiting out the full moon. You can also support yourself and others by following some of the rituals I have listed below. Your spiritual awareness also might be enhanced during this time. Definitely pay attention to signs and meditate on positive things to come your way. Trusting, always, that the universe has your back. Some rituals to help you keep grounded for the next few days include: Drinking lots of water

Taking a salt water bath Meditation and breath concentration Being by a body of water (lake, ocean, river) Diffusing lavender essential oils Keeping crystals like obsidian or black tourmaline around Smudging (sage) your home or any area of interest Write a list of things you are hoping to manifest Write a gratitude list Blessed full moon, beloveds - Marilyn Skyflower

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