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If you've unsuccessfully tried all the fad diets to lose weight, you probably already know that they simply don't work in maintaining a healthy weight. The fact is, to establish a healthy lifestyle, you need to change the way you think about food and exercise. Although our primary goal is to help our patients reach their target weight, we also emphasize the importance of education in developing healthy habits.

Our Nutritional Weight Loss and Counseling Department is lead by Dr. Lawrence M Schwartz.   His hands-on approach to the human body and how it works places nutrition at the center of his work that is specifically targeted to help the body. As such, Medwellspa is proud to partner with Isagenix brand products as part of our team approach to permanent weight loss and lifestyle solutions.









CONTOURING BODY WRAPS (Lose up to 4-14 inches

We provide medical weight loss counseling on subjects ranging from nutrition and fitness to behavioral modification and medical treatment. Our comprehensive weight loss approach has been proven effective in helping our patients lose weight, in part because we develop a customized program for each of our clients.


  • Introductory Launch Price $99/treatment

  • Individual Treatment $125

  • Series of (3) Treatments $299


Whether you want to lose weight to look better, or because you are suffering from poor health, we can help.


Call 516.755.5855 to schedule your appointment today.

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