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Begin classes are well suited for both beginners that want to start their yoga certification pathway at a slower pace, as well as long time students who want to return to the simplicity of the practice.


All classes in this theme are classified as either gentle yoga classes or beginner vinyasa classes and will provide an opportunity for everyone to return to the basics every time returning to the mat 

Begin Classes:

Gentle Vinyasa, Beginners Vinyasa, Beginners Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Gentle Yoga All Levels, Beginners Soul Flow Yoga, Slow Flow Yoga + Meditation, Gentle Hatha Yoga, Gentle Flow Yoga, Slow Flow + Meditation/Nidra


Release classes are beginner friendly and suitable for all levels of certification pathway.  These classes provide a safe space to release and renew—mentally, physically and spiritually—through the practice of Yin/Restorative Classes and Aroma-Storative (Yin/Restorative with essential oils). Whether you are dealing with injuries or chronic pain in the body, or just need some time to relax and shut your mind off for a bit, these classes are a great fit.

Release Classes:

Morning Restorative Yin, Restorative Yin Yoga, Aroma Vinyasa + Restorative Mix, Restorative Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Meditation, Restorative Yin Yoga with Harmonic Acoustics, Yin/Yasa All Levels, Flow Yoga + Meditation , Flow + Restore Yoga All Levels, Refresh and Restore Yoga


Enlighten classes are suitable for all certification streams including beginners. These classes incorporate a slow flow of movements with breath work followed by meditation and restorative postures. Enlighten classes provide you with opportunity to move your body and quiet your mind.


Enlighten Classes:

Vinyasa All Levels, Vinyasa Flow All Levels, Hatha Level I,  Hatha Yoga All Levels, Hatha Flow All Levels,  Vinyasa Morning Flow, Vinyasa Express All Levels, Happy Hour Vinyasa, Lunchtime Vinyasa Express, Ashtanga All Levels (Intermediate, not recommended for Beginners)

These open level Vinyasa flow classes are suitable for all pathways of yoga stream certification. Vin + Yasa meaning linking together breath and movement, Medwell Empower classes provide a platform to create heat in the body through a series of fluid movements that are suitable to the advanced student, as well as modified to the beginner stream.


Empower Classes:

Vinyasa All Levels, Vinyasa Flow All Levels, Vinyasa Morning Flow, Vinyasa Express All Levels, Happy Hour Vinyasa, Lunchtime Vinyasa Express.

Our Enrich classes are open level Hatha classes suitable for all certification streams. Hatha yoga is a practice that focuses on alignment of the body and holding postures supported by breath work. Medwell Enrich Classes are perfect for anyone looking to refine their practice by focusing on alignment at a slightly slower pathway pace while still building heat in the body.


Enrich Classes:

Hatha Level I,  Hatha Yoga All Levels, Hatha Flow All Levels

Has yoga inspired you to take your practice to the next level? Our Inspire Level II classes are a great platform for advanced students to work on poses that may not be offered in our Empower classes and simply any student eager to learn more. Expect to create lots of heat in the body and build strength to take your pathway to the next level! (Suggested prior yoga experience suggested)


Inspire Classes:

Vinyasa Yoga Level II, Vinyasa Power Flow Open Level, Vinyasa Flow Level II, Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga Level II with Essential Oils

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