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Many neglected foot deformities and symptoms are preventable or correctable without surgery.


Most Podiatric surgeries are considered elective surgery, which means they are to some extent avoidable. At Medwell Spa, we can provide preventable non-surgical care for patients with pedal structural deformities such as bunions and hammer toes bursitis, adult collapsed arch, heel spurs, Nocturnal leg cramped, and restless leg syndrome. We also treat common problems such as corns and callouses, fungal problems, warts and discolored, incurved or ingrown toe nails. 



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Dr.  Hoang  escaped from war torn South East Asia, and was rescued by three generous churches on Long Island New York, to be reunitedwith his grandmother in 1980.

Dr Hoang attended medical school 
at NYCPM ( New York College of Podiatric Medicine). He started his practice in Lower Manhattan's Chinatown, successfully helping the triborough communities for over 16 years. Dr Hoang has joined Medwell Spa to provide first rate and innovtive approaches to podiatry.

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