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Eye Brows: $12.00

Upper Lip or Lower Lip: $8.00

Nose, Chin or Hairline: $8.00

Cheeks, Sideburns or Ears: $12.00



Underarms: $15.00

Full Arm or Half Arm: $40.00 or $30.00

Shoulders: $25.00

Full Back or Lower Back: $60.00 or $25.00

Upper Back, Full Chest or Full Stomach: $30.00

Stomach Strip, Toes or Hands: $10.00

Upper Leg or Lower Leg: $35.00

Full Leg: $55.00


Bikini Line: $30.00

Bikini Full: $40.00

Brazilian: $50.00

Join our Loyalty Wax Club! Purchase any (5) wax services, your 6th wax is on us*!


Call 516.755.5855 to make your appointment today.

*6th wax will be honored as the repeat of the 5 wax services, or smallest area that was waxed.

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