Who says you have to jump, grunt, strain, and punish your body to get amazing results from your workout? Not with PiYo…PiYo combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga. And, we crank up the speed to deliver a true fat-burning, low-impact workout that leaves your body looking long, lean, and incredibly defined.


This class is offered at our Flagship location in Farmingdale weekly- a fan favorite that's not to be missed!

Classes to help you grow and share your practice with family and friends. In addition to your weekly special classes, we also offer Barre, Zumba, Meditation, Reiki Circles and more!


With Medwellspa you are able to expand your yoga practice while enjoying the fascinating and new changes of pregnancy, together with like-minded women in an intimate and supportive setting.


The Medwell Spa private yoga sanctuary located inside our Farmingdale location provides just that, and more. Monday  nights become an empowering and trusting journey through any trimester of your pregnancy, guided by only the most highly certified pre-natal yoga instructors in the field. Our expanded Prenatal offerings now include a weekly class Mondays at 8pm, Amityville.


Friendship, emotional and social support; stretching, empowering and preparing, this and more each and every week, and included in your membership benefits. RSVP space is limited to 10 pre-natal yogi participants each week. *moves to Monday nights effective 9.4.19.


Medwell Spa and Yoga Studio offers a weekly, inclusive Family Yoga Class on Saturdays from October through May,  1:30-2:15 pm at our Farmingdale location.

All members in good standing are welcome to attend this class and to bring one guest free of charge of thier choice of any* age each week (ages 3 and up recommended). Additional guests are welcome to pay a $10 drop in fee per person at the desk.


What better way to connect with your kid, or kids, than with an hour of relaxing and rejuvenating yoga in a caring environment on a Saturday afternoon.  


All levels welcomed and encouraged.


This 45 minute class focuses on relaxation balance and wellness held in the Farmingdale private sanctuary. We will be practicing mindfulness, breathing techniques and breath control.


The class consists of guided meditation, gentle stretching, restorative opening poses, and reiki. Essential oils can be used to deepen the experience.  Returning to our regular schedule Wednesday nights Fall 2019,  RSVP for this member favorite.


This class is designed to get you in a "Flow state" by marrying the two practices of yoga and barre; 30 minutes of yoga stretches and vinyasas designed to get you into that “flow state” so you can go on to perform a physically demanding 20 minutes of consecutive intense work on the bar, followed by a 10 minute cool-down and relaxation.

Throughout the class we will be listening to mantra music, the repeating of simple words (a mantra) helps wind down the brains "default mode network" (DMN).

When you learn to breathe and stay OUT of fight or flight by staying IN your flow throughout your body movement practices, the more you practice the more it will seep into your every day life so you will be the person you want to be and live life to your fullest potential."


Fridays are a time for social celebration at every Medwell Spa location, that's why we offer a complimentary wine tasting  Friday nights at many of our studios with Candle Light and Cabernet Vinyasa. Enjoy a glass of wine with a friend before, and/or after class (*21 and older, please).


Feel free to bring your own sealed bottle to share with friends; your talented instructor will set the stage with flameless candle ambiance, a glowing fireplace, cozy yogi blankets and more.


As the warm weather arrives and night falls,  a Medwellspa Cabernet and Candle Light Vinyasa class  becomes your favorite, after work destination of choice. Why not bring a friend? This class is included in your membership privileges; 10 class passes are valid for drop in as well as individual,  $20 drop in per person.


DDP Yoga is considered to be a total fitness solution, encouraging the development of total body transformation.  It's often been compared to a workout of running on a treadmill, or the asphalt, but with no impact.

The class sequences link together relatively simple yoga postures that don't require a lot of balance, experience or flexibility to perform successfully, but deliver maximum results.

Who is participating in DDP Yoga? Pro-athletes, retired athletes,  male and female participants and anyone looking to step up their yoga practice with the promise of a challenging, strength building core and total body work out; these are just a few of the alluring aspects each and every time you step on the mat; teens welcome. Playlists will vary from hard rock to 80s and everything in between.


Our fan favorite Zumba weekly offerings now extend into Teen Yoga Hip Hop Dance twice weekly at our Bellmore location.

Thursday nights at 8pm and Sunday mornings at 11am bring your tween/teen (ages 13+ recommended) and get your hip hop dance on. No need to attend every week or commit to a formal recital! Drop in just $20 per attendee or 10 class pass $100, sharable between family and friends.

Kindly wear clean street shoes and get ready to rock and dance to the hottest songs in the dance industry, led by be our talented and certified Zumba Dance instructors! Both male and female students encouraged to attend.

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